We worked with Eric and his team to renovate our top-floor condo in Somerville. We had a vision of a “mid century treehouse” in mind and Eric helped us make it a reality. Our project wasn’t straightforward, but Eric worked with us to understand and manage the scope, deal with unexpected supply chain obstacles, and finish the project. Eric was knowledgeable, communicative, and his skillful team went above and beyond to make our vision a reality. They really paid attention to all of the details! We particularly appreciate how Eric helped keep track of all of the moving parts, managed the schedule, and carefully tracked the budget. His team was professional and courteous, cleaning up at the end of the day and keeping our neighbors happy. I would highly recommend working with Eric on your next renovation project!
— Mario Bollini, Somerville

We bought an older single family in Somerville. Eric and his team did amazing work on our remodeling project, which included working with an architect to remove chimneys and add lally columns in the basement, as well as gutting and remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. Eric also coordinated around all permits and COVID safety protocols with the city. We love how everything turned out. We had worked with Eric in the past on smaller projects in another home, so we knew his work would be high quality. But, we had never done such a major project; Eric provided excellent guidance throughout. Despite the challenging circumstances around COVID, Eric and his team were dependable, communicated well, and were great to deal with. One of things we love most about working with Eric is he is always willing to try to solve problems and help make our unique visions come to life. We recommend Eric to all of our friends without hesitation.
— Bess Rouse and Scott Hirst, Somerville

We highly recommend Eric Kastelein and his crew for both small and large scale projects. They are reliable, efficient, and trustworthy. Eric is good at communication and skilled at his job as a general contractor. His team are excellent craftsmen and pay attention to detail. We have used their team to add a third floor to our house, which included a new bathroom, dormers and two bedrooms. They have a good eye and recommend solutions that are cost effective and practical. The subcontractors – plumber, electrician and mason – were also reliable and easy to work with. After almost two years, we are still thrilled with our addition and wouldn’t change a thing. We have since used Eric K and his team for smaller projects and are equally as satisfied with the quality of work and timeliness of project execution. We have recommended his crew to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.
— Kati and Eric Sigel, Belmont

Eric was our general contractor for our kitchen renovation. Eric was reliable and knowledgeable about every detail. Whether it was removing a wall, leveling or laying floors, painting, or managing the subcontractors, he was direct and trustworthy. He was not an alarmist. His professionalism and experience kept the project on time and on budget. When the world was shutting down in March of 2020, he remained calm and made sure that everything was complete without sacrificing quality. We are thrilled with the result. The standard of his team’s work was exceptional.
— Meda Barnes, Newton

Eric has performed a number of projects on my rental and primary homes over the years, including a full bathroom remodel in my apartment, a remodel of an entire rental unit encompassing kitchen and two bathrooms, as well as a tear down and rebuild of two-story porch. The quality of craftsmanship on each of these projects was very high as evidenced by the many friends and family who have provided feedback on the work Eric and his team did. In the case of the major apartment renovation my rental agents have praised the work, citing it as one of the nicer four-bedroom rental apartments they have ever seen. It was clear that Eric is committed to quality work, and I saw firsthand the time and effort taken to ensure the highest standards of each step.

Communication has always been one of Eric’s strong points, as well as with anyone he has onsite. Simple, yet effective communication about what is and/or will be done in a given week is always helpful and allows me as a homeowner to plan accordingly. More importantly, the extensive scoping/discussions that took place prior to an estimate being given made me feel that thoroughness for Eric was important. His in-depth process all but eliminated any project “hiccups”, and any that came up were minor and dealt with easily.

The employees and subcontractors were always very professional and polite. Problem-solving was always handled efficiently and effectively, whether it was an unknown that was brought to light during the demo phase, or something that one of the subs uncovered that was not necessarily contemplated prior to project start. Eric and his team made sure that it was never solely a homeowner issue, and always ensured that options were fully vetted prior to decisions being made. Given the efficiencies with which the work was being done, the energy footprint appeared to be minimized, and great care was taken to ensure proper cleanup.
— Ben Mastropieri, Somerville

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