Renovations and Remodeling

20130919_081227Rebuild.  Make your space into something you love. You can start by tearing down to the studs and beginning from there.

Reconfigure.  If you desire less drastic changes we can help with removing, moving, or building walls, openings, or doors.

Additions.  If you like your space but want to  expand it, we do additions as well.

Merged2Examples of renovations and remodeling work:

  • Whole or partial kitchen renovations
  • Whole or partial bath renovations
  • Additions
  • Adjustments to structural walls
  • Ceiling modifications
  • Wall removal or additions
  • Expanding or shrinking closets
  • Building closet systems
  • Moving doorways or interior openings
  • Adding, removing or changing shelving
  • Stairway alterations
  • Adding a porch
  • Finishing a basement or attic space
  • Mudroom and entryway remodeling

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