Home Repairs and Updating

Rotting Stairs

Keeping up a home is a full-time job. Replacing, removing, fixing, supporting, patching, checking for leaks…

Some people love doing it all themselves, and others don’t want to do it at all. Perhaps your home is in good repair, but you want a new look, a fresh coat of paint on doors or walls. We can help you get the look you want.

Also, with energy-saving programs and promotions, it’s becoming more and more financially attractive to consider updates that will make your home more energy-efficient.

We are available to walk with you through home repairs and updating. From repairing severe rotting to minor patching and painting, we are easily accessible and available to help with any part of your project.

Home repairs and updating can include interior or exterior needs such as:

  • Whole or partial gutter replacements
  • Window replacementsfront porch railing damage
  • Interior and exterior door replacement
  • Rotting
  • Leaking
  • Patching or plaster repairs
  • Stair repair or replacement
  • Tile repair or re-tiling
  • Re-grouting
  • Re-painting or touch-up painting
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Joist repairs
  • Porch repair
  • Replacing hardware
  • Refinishing floors
  • Installing new floors and carpets
  • Fixing or replacing siding
  • Insulating doorways, hallways, walls, roofs, ceilings
  • Replacing and installing vanities, shelves, and cabinets

Email or call 1-978-844-1021 for questions or to schedule a time to discuss your needs.